Patch ups and the Panic Room Debut! #Day 25, Synopsis
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The day starts with the high energy song – ‘Dhakka laga buka‘ from ‘Yuva’. Delnaaz is seen with Sampat and Karishma in the garden area and she requests Sampat to eat something for breakfast. Sampat snaps back saying that she doesn’t mind eating or cooking for others but she will not use any of the luxury budget items. Delnaaz walks into the house and addresses the rest of the housemates with much displeasure and irritation. 

Delnaaz is angry with Sampat for not letting go the results of task and blaming the girls in the house who have always looked up to her and served her with love and respect. Delnaaz then approaches Sapna and talks to her about how the whole dynamics of the house has been changing due to some people’s arrogant/stubborn attitude (referring to Sampat post the task results). Sapna and Delnaaz make things clear between them. After a while all the ladies in the house are seen sitting in their room. Sapna walks in and makes truce with all the others. One by one all of them clear their differences that were mainly caused by the Rajneeti task in the past few days. All the ladies hug & apologize to each other and go out in one group to convince Sampat to let go and start eating properly. 

Sampat doesn’t reciprocate too well initially, leaving Aashka and a few others miffed after their humble attempt to make peace with everyone. After a lot of convincing by Sidhu and the others, Sampat finally agrees to cheer up and join the rest for lunch. After a while, Bigg Boss assembles all the housemates in the living room and announces that Sidhu gets a chance to earn some luxury points after losing the Rajneeti task as he was Niketan’s assistant.
The Panic Room gets introduced to Sidhu and he is supposed to pick up as many coins as possible in order to gain a few luxury points that his team would benefit from. The Panic Room has walls that would come crashing into him while he is collecting the coins. Sidhu’s hands were also tied with each other to make the task more challenging. Sidhu being a true sport managed to collect quite a few coins in the limited amount of time and the rather freaky circumstances. The housemates watch Sidhu while he is in the Panic Room. The housemates act like they haven’t seen anything and tease Sidhu on his hilarious reactions after he comes out. Then, the housemates congratulate him and appreciate his courage and intention of doing the task so well in order to protect his teammates’ interests. 

Bigg Boss awards Sidhu a few additional luxury points for completing the given task rather successfully. 

Delnaaz is then seen chatting with Niketan and clarifying as to why he has been giving her a cold shoulder. Niketan denies it and patches up with Delnaaz happily. After a long eventful day, the lights then go off and the housemates go to sleep.

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