Political Earthquake after the task! #Day 24, Synopsis
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The day starts with the evergreen song – “Ek Din Bit Jayega”. The housemates wake up singing and dancing away to glory. Sana is called in by Bigg Boss and given another secret task. Sana comes out and approaches Niketan directly in order to convince him for finishing her secret task. Niketan doesn’t buy Sana’s story and tells her he needs to discuss it with his party. Niketan approaches Sidhu and discusses Sana’s plan. Sidhu listens and gives his point of view. After sometime, Niketan approaches Sana who is sitting in the kitchen area with a few other housemates. Niketan tells Sana’s plan to everyone and almost immediately, Sapna retaliates by saying she will not fall for any bribery or unreal deals and she would like to stick to her party based on her principles. Sana & Sapna end up having a small argument on the same but Sapna stands strong and sticks to her ground. 

Bigg Boss sends in a letter which is read out in front of all. The letter announces the commencement of the voting procedure for all the housemates in order to declare the winner amongst the two parties in the ‘Rajneeti’ task. One by one all the housemates cast in their votes in the ballot box. After a while Bigg Boss announces the winner of the task. Urvashi’s team wins with the help of Delnaaz’s vote and her special power to choose the winner in case of a tie. Post the winner announcement, Niketan and his party seems upset, angry & betrayed. The housemates divide themselves in their respective parties and start discussing the result and its unforeseen consequences.
Sampat Pal gets extremely irritated & angry with Bigg Boss as she feels her party was the deserving winner and it’s utterly unfair for the other team to win due to Delnaaz’s vote. Aseem, Karishma,Sidhu, Niketan and Sapna try to console Sampat. But an angry Sampat vents out her frustration on the result to the cameras and everyone else around. 

Sampat almost faints while crying to Aseem & Sapna. Her party members pick her up and place her on the bed. Immediately, Sapna rushes to the other party and blames Delnaaz for Sampat’s ill health. Vrajesh, Sana, Rajev etc do not give a chance for Sapna to shout and instead yell back at her for being immature and blaming Delnaaz for a task after all. Once Sapna leaves the room, Urvashi and her party bitch Sapna out and how! They call her names like psycho, mentally ill and violent. Sana and the others stress on the fact that the other party needs to accept defeat in a game with some dignity and not over exaggerate the whole incident and blame Delnaaz for it. Meanwhile, Sapna & Sampat go on about how Bigg Boss had betrayed them via an unfair voting system. They go on a tangent of the game being morally & ethically wrong and how the whole country will be upset to see cheating in ‘Rajneeti’. Sapna takes off her microphone and takes an oath not to wear it until Bigg Boss lets Sampat leave the house with some dignity. 

After things calm down a little, Bigg Boss calls Sampat into the confession room. Sampat vents her heart out and Bigg Boss convinces her that all this is a part of a game and not to take it so personally. Sampat apologizes to Bigg Boss and accepts her reaction was uncalled for. Sampat walks out a calmer and more confident woman. She heads straight to Sapna and requests her to wear her microphone. Sampat then lies to the housemates by saying that Bigg Boss apologized to her and she is feeling much better. Sapna insists on talking to Bigg Boss. Sapna is eventually called in to the confession room by Bigg Boss. Sapna loses her cool and goes all out in expressing her frustration with the entire task and her stay in the house. Bigg Boss listens to her and asks her to calm down but Sapna doesn’t stop. She is asked to leave the confession room. An angry Sapna comes out and throws her microphone straight on the couch. After sometime, the luxury budget is introduced in the house. The losing party seems to be disinterested in the luxury budget; Sampat even says that she will not eat ‘beymani ka khana’. The housemates decide their luxury budget after discussing mutually. Sampat is seen with Delnaaz in the garden area where she almost yells at Delnaaz for being unfair. An upset Delnaaz is then consoled by Sidhu. The housemates are tired & stressed after all the madness and go to sleep earlier than usual.

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