Politics gets dirtier in Bigg Boss! #Day 23, Synopsis
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With the Rajneeti task in full swing, few of the housemates are awake throughout the night keeping the fire alive. The day begins with an apt song ‘Sab Ganda Hai Par Dhanda Hai Yeh’ where Vrajesh and Sampat are seen fencing and dancing with wooden logs, prepping for a battling day ahead. 

Aashka, Urvashi, Sana and Rajev who are part of the other group are seen bitching about the Jago India party. They are seen complaining about every member of the group. Aashka is seen telling everyone that throughout the night none of the other party members helped her even though they could see that she was struggling. She also asks Urvashi why Sidhu is giving her a cold vibe? Urvashi tries to explain to Aashka that since it is a Rajneeti task Sidhu has gotten too involved in it. On the other hand, Karishma, Aseem, Sidhu and Niketan are seen talking on how the comments passed by the other party are personal and uncalled for. Aseem is the most offended by a personal remark made by Urvashi. Here, Delnaaz is seen trying to play the role of a pacifier between the two parties, telling them that it’s just a task.

She then tries to sort out the problem between Urvashi and Aseem by making them sit together and talk it out. Here, the misunderstanding is solved after clarifications from Urvashi and explanations from Aseem. After a while, we also see Aashka approach Sidhu and speak to him about the change in his behavior. She breaks down and tells him that because she respects him, she cannot see him supporting someone who talks behind his back. Sidhu tries to convince her otherwise by saying that it’s a task and his heart breaks if she cries. 

There is party politics everywhere, with both the parties trying to poach the other party members. Vrajesh and Urvashi are seen planning to convince Sapna to join their group and realize that the only way to Sapna is by trying to convince Aseem. After a lot of talks and deliberation, Sapna and Aseem both decide not to move parties and remain with Niketan’s party itself. In the evening, drama happens when Aashka misunderstands that Sapna has hidden the chimta (tongs) and creates an issue out of it. 

Bigg Boss then calls Delnaaz in the confession room to tell her that she is now a part of the task and she has to choose one party to pledge her support. When the housemates find out about Delnaaz being the janta, both the parties try their level best to poach her. Delnaaz on her part tries to convince Aseem to join Urvashi’s party but to no avail. After a while, Delnaaz is seen speaking with Uravshi trying to tell her that because of her party the atmosphere in the house has gone down. Urvashi gets offended by this and says that if the atmosphere is ruined because of her, everyone should nominate her and send her home. After she leaves, Delnaaz expresses her displeasure to Aashka saying that she didn’t like Urvashi’s tone. 

While the housemates continue their vigil by the fire, it'll be interesting to see what the next day of the Rajneeti task will have in store for the housemates.


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