Pre-wedding rituals in Bani #Weekly Update 29th May to 3rd June
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The week began with Sohum asking Bani if she managed to talk to Rajji about Amrik. Bani tells her how Rajji has decided to make her relation work with Amrik and she didn’t have the heart to tell her about Amrik’s decision to call off the wedding. Watch as Sohum decides to take matters in his hands.

Amrik’s parents refuse to call off the wedding and none of them have the heart to talk to Rajji’s family. Sohum comes to their house and tries to convince Amrik to not break relations and to think of his parents and Rajji. Watch as Amrik decides to go ahead with the wedding.

Sohum gets Amrik home and Bani is happy to see them. Both the families leave for Gurudwara to exchange wedding cards leaving the kids behind. Bani urges Rajji to have a conversation with Amrik and when they talk Amrik explains how he is only doing this on Sohum’s words and it is just a sacrifice from his side, nothing else. Watch as Rajji and Amrik break into another argument.

At Parmeet’s house, all are worried about his return. When they call him he informs how he had to miss the flight because of important office work and can only make it on the day of the wedding. He requests Daadaji to talk to Banui’s family about postponing the wedding so he can spend some time with Bani before marrying her. Watch as Dadaji calls Desho to inform the same.

Sarabjeet refuses to accept Parmeet’s excuses and wishes to call off the wedding if necessary. Desho and Maamiji try to give reasons and fear that in this entire mess Bani’s name will get spoilt in the society. Dadaji calls to find out if they can manage to postpone the wedding but Sarabjeet gives a different answer. Watch his decision in this video.

Tel chadhana rasam begins in full swing and the ladies are applying oil in Bani and Rajji’s hair. The special guests i.e. Madhu’s mother Padmini, Kishan’s mother and Tapasya’s mother Divya Thakur arrive and bless the two girls for their wedding. Watch this sequence in this video.

Sohum is setting lights on the terrace and Bani comes to help. He warns her to not marry without thinking twice and to know Parmeet better before committing. He is shocked to know that Bani doesn’t mind marrying a person who she has never met and is okay with the fact that he is coming directly on the day of wedding. Bani tries to justify her situation but Sohum makes up his mind to talk to Sarabjeet about his doubts. Maamiji overhears this conversation and is upset about it. Watch their conversation in this video.

Will Bani change her decision after talking to Sohum and will Parmeet return on time? Keep watching this space for more updates!

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