Preeti’s birthday wish: Happiness and a car!
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On 2nd October, when the whole nation was paying their respects to the Father of the Nation on his birthday, Preeti Choudhary, aka Ambi of Kairee, was in the midst of a celebration of a different kind. Why? Because it was the pretty lady's birthday on 2nd October! Now we didn't ask her how old she turned on her big day, but we did manage to chat to her about her birthday bash. Read the excerpts below:


Happy Birthday Preeti! Tell us about your birthday plans.

Preeti: Thanks a lot for your wishes. I am in Goa with my friends and I'm having a blast on my birthday this year. There was a surprise party arranged in Goa for me in the evening. So I'm happy.


So how did the cast and crew of Kairee celebrate your birthday?

Preeti: I was not going to be on set on 2nd, so I cut a cake with my unit on 1st of October itself! And I got lots of good wishes from all the actors and producers.


What is your birthday wish?

Preeti: I want happiness, peace and my show Kairee to go forever! On a serious note, I wish for a new car. My dad gifted me my current car two years ago so I really wish I get a car as a gift. 


How do you feel about sharing your birthdate with Mahatma Gandhi?

Preeti: I love it! I have always gotten a holiday on my birthday, be it in school or college. Even in the industry, I planned this leave months in advance and I got it. I really love Gandhiji for this!


So do you share any traits with Gandhiji apart from the birthdate?

Preeti: Gandhiji is the Father of the Nation and I want to be the 'Bahu of the Nation'! (chuckles). Seriously speaking, even I believe in non- violence like Gandhiji, so that could be a common trait.


And what has your special someone (actor/ model Tarul Swami) gifted you for your birthday?

Preeti: Nothing till now! Though the whole Goa trip and surprise party was his idea so that's a good gift. But haven't gotten any gifts this year so still waiting!

P.S.- Now we're wondering if the wish for the car was a hint for Tarul. 


Have a great Birthday!

Preeti: Thanks a lot!



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