Preeto comes to Surbhi’s rescue on ‘Shakti’
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Previously on the show, we saw that Preeto was infuriated at the fact that Surbhi went missing and she blamed Saumya for everything. Harman and Saumya tried pleading with her that they will go and save Surbhi but Preeto refused and told them that they don’t even care about Surbhi. Kareena later discovered that it was Surbhi the Kinnars captured instead of Saumya and shouted at them. She decided to take advantage of the situation.

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Preeto called Kareena and tried to make a deal with her but Kareena told her she only wants Saumya and nothing else. Kareena threatened to hurt Surbhi if Saumya is not handed over to her. Surbhi woke up and told the Kinnars that Saumya will come to save her. Preeto arrived moments later and told Kareena that Saumya and Harman have gone back to Gurdaspur.

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Kareena refused to believe that Saumya would leave her sister like this. Preeto told her that Saumya is not foolish enough to leave Harman and a comfortable life behind to come live with them. Kareena and Surbhi looked on in shock. She also added that Saumya is responsible for ruining Surbhi’s life. Preeto then proceeded to put a knife to Kareena’s neck and told them to release Surbhi.

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What will happen next? Tune in tonight to find out.


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