Protest and water shortage spells trouble! #Day 16, Synopsis
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The Badshahs, Begums & their Ghulams wake up to the regal track – ‘Badshah oh Badshah’. The housemates wake up to a day full of surprises. Rajev is seen calling in his Ghulam, Niketan to serve him some tea in bed. Sayantani on the other side greets her Begums and brings them tea voluntarily. In sometime, the housemates are seen relaxing in their favorite area – the garden. Here, Rajev jokes about how Niketan’s grandfather must have been a captain and how Urvashi’s grandmother must have been the head chef. This in turn angers Niketan & Urvashi and they along with Karishma bitch about his nasty jokes. Sampat is in her usual entertaining self, as she sings for the housemates with her own songs. 


Sidhu who is a Ghulam in the task is seen avoiding most of his duties, right from wearing a lungi, to sitting on the chair and eating before the Badshahs & Begums. The housemates try to subtly tell Sidhu to do the task. After a while, Niketan gets irritated and removes his lungi and compares himself to Sidhu by saying he is no lesser than him and a task is a task, this partiality is unacceptable. Sayantani, Urvashi & Karishma advise him to follow it like he has and not act so adamant. Sapna & Vrijesh are seen working in the kitchen and bitching about Sidhu as they feel he gets special treatment in the house.


Meanwhile, Badshah Rajev has one of his flirtatious moments with Karishma in the garden area. A while later, Ghulam Karishma is seen lamenting on her own plight in the kitchen. She jokingly says that she should probably marry the Badshah to make things better in her ‘dasi’ life! After this comes the big surprise, as Bigg Boss assembles everyone in the living area and announces that the housemates have failed the assigned task rather miserably! Bigg Boss announces that their punishment would be a complete stop in the water supply in the house and their luxury budget would be nil for the week. The only source of water will be the hand pump placed in the garden area. 


The housemates are shell shocked on hearing this harsh punishment and soon the housemates split into small groups and start discussing who is to be blamed and how to handle this unexpected situation. Urvashi, Niketan & Vrijesh are clearly angry with Sidhu and they express that his non participation in the task has led to these circumstances.  Sidhu calls all the housemates together and starts expressing his viewpoints on the situation. Meanwhile, Vrijesh is seen in the washroom with Aseem who comes to call him out for the meeting. Vrijesh sarcastically tells Aseem to tell the rest that he would join the meeting post a shower! Post the meeting, Niketan & Vrijesh bitch about Sidhu with much disgust. Sapna joins the party and expresses her displeasure with Sidhu’s stubborn behavior. 


Karishma is seen upset & crying in the garden area as she feels guilty for her actions and apologizes to Vrijesh, Niketan. Taking no offence, Vrijesh calms her down and makes her smile. While on the other hand, an arrogant Sidhu tries to justify his actions and pacifies Karishma via his trademark lectures. Sayantani and Aseem are seen supporting Sidhu and try to cheer Karishma after which Sidhu continues his philosophical talks with Aseem. Delnaaz is seen talking to Sidhu about the blame game that is going on in the house with a stubborn Sidhu still trying to prove that he is right. Towards the end of the night, Delnaaz & Urvashi are seen talking to the camera and literally begging Bigg Boss to start the water supply in the house at least by morning as the ladies especially are suffering with back pain etc. The lights go off and all the housemates go to bed contemplating their water woes. 

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