Purvi’s life is going to change!
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  • Nupur Jetly
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  • November 25, 2020
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  • 6:59 pm

Tonight, on Molkki, Purvi saves Priyashi from her father and reveals the name of her boyfriend and assures him that she will fix this mess. Next day when Purvi goes to Naveen’s house with mother taking a proposal of Priyashi and Naveen’s marriage, Naveen’s mother puts the condition of Purvi getting married first. Priyanshi and Naveen’s wedding is possible only after that.

Back at Virendra house, Juhi Manas feel sad upon their father ignorance while everyone gets ready for their sports day function. Juhi, in order to impress her father purposely injures her leg in a hurdle race and Bheem Mama snaps at Virendra for being careless towards his children. He tells him that the kids need a mother. Purvi, on the other side, slips into a river as she is lost on her thoughts. Just then, Vipul saves her, and she tells him about her problems. In the evening, Vipul reaches with his parents to Purvi’s house and ask for her hand for the marriage. Simultaneously, Kanja manipulates Maheshwar and in the greed of money which leads to Maheshwar agreeing to Purvi being Molkki.

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