Pyaar Ke Rang: Our shows have taught us these things about love.
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Love has a profound meaning and can be expressed in innumerable ways.


We are in Valentine’s week celebrating love. Have you ever noticed that every show on COLORS teaches us something extremely significant about love?


Love has different shades and meanings. Let us go through a list of things that we’ve learnt from these shows that depict how love should be in a literal sense.






Love means sacrifice – Love can never be selfish. It can be nurtured through sacrifices from both the ends. When one makes sacrifices, he/she knows the importance of retaining relationships. We cite an example of Kasam in which Tanuja and Rishi gave up on their own happiness number of times just for the sake of their families and friends.





Love means devotion – One has to be devoted towards the other. Devotion towards each other is a beautiful expression of love. Let’s talk about Belan Wali Bahu in which Roopa devotedly does everything for Laddoo out of love, in fact she doesn’t even get his love in return but continues to abide by whatever he says.





Love gives courage – It’s painful to see someone you love suffer. In order to protect them, you bring forth the courage hidden in you and fight hard to turn things around. Think about Laado – Veerpur Ki Mardaani, in which Anushka’s only burning desire is to fight against the people who killed her sister and because of whom she even lost her grandmother.





Love is unconditional – Who could be a better example than Harman from Shakti? His love for Saumya never changed its colors, especially after he came to know about her true identity. Harman continues to love Saumya unconditionally even today, always being by her side.



Aren’t these the essentials of genuine love? Do share your thoughts.

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