Radha tries to hide the truth about Meera #Madhubala Weekly Update 1st July to 6th July
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The week began with Meera doing puja in RK mansion. On hearing her sing bhajans, everybody comes out to check and she apologizes to Radha for having placed a Krishna idol in her temple without permission. The servant comes with a picture of Mohan Kundra and asks Radha where to place it. Before Meera could see the picture, both Radha and Sultan distract her. RK intervenes and tries confronting Sultan in front of Meera. Watch as RK asks Meera to leave the house.

Dipali gets the servant to put the picture in the hall and hopes that Meera might see it. Meera and Sultan get ready to leave RK mansion and Madhu comes to see them off. Dipali waits for Meera to see the photo but Madhu blocks her line of vision unknowingly. Watch this sequence right here.

When Meera sees Mohan Kundra’s photo, she goes hysterical and blames him for stealing her son. Looking at her reaction both Radha and Madhu get shocked and Sultan immediately takes her out of the room. Watch as Meera recognizes Mohan Kundra in front of Radha. (Hyperlink)

Madhu is still trying to grasp the situation when Radha also breaks down and blurts out that her husband is responsible for Meera’s condition. Madhu is shocked to hear the confession but realizes that Dipali has heard the entire conversation. She quickly takes Radha inside the room and warns Dipali to stay out or else she will get her thrown out of the house. Watch Radha’s confession in this video.

Madhu goes to check on Meera and finds her lying unconscious in Sultan’s room. She notices the bangle in her hand and it’s similar to the one Radha gave her and it confirms her doubts. Sultan informs her that they’re leaving from their house and to let RK know the same.

RK interrupts their conversation and taunts Sultan for using his father’s name and both end up having an argument. Watch as Sultan takes Meera and leaves from RK mansion.

Radha comes to Sultan’s house and Madhu urges her to speak the truth. Radha tells Sultan that she’s ready to pay for Meera’s full treatment and that’s the maximum she can do for a woman who is trying to malign her husband’s name. Watch as Radha backs out and lies in front of Sultan. 

At the mansion, Madhu question Radha as to why she didn’t speak the truth in front of Sultan. Radha advises her to keep mum and especially not tell RK anything about it. Madhu listens to her but thinks how to hide it from RK. When he meets her on stairs and asks if anything is wrong, Madhu is unable to say anything. Watch this sequence right here.

At night, RK is packing for his outdoor shoot and keeps talking about great a husband is father was. Madhu feels stressed on listening to his words but remembers her promise to Radha and keeps quiet. In the morning Roma comes to meet Madhu and RK tells her that he’s leaving for outdoor shoot. Watch as Radha asks Madhu to go along with RK.

As soon as they leave, Radha goes to the store and frantically starts searching for something. The servant calls out Radha and asks her to take her medicines. As soon as she leaves, Dipali enters the store room and on looking around finds an old picture of Mohan and Meera. Watch as Dipali finds a proof against Radha.

On the way, RK asks Madhu if something is bothering her but she is unable to answer him. Once they reach hotel, Madhu calls up Padmini and shares her problems with her. Padmini advises Madhu to speak up the truth if it will help in solving issues. Watch as Padmini advises Madhu to speak the truth.

RK takes a break from his shoot and comes to meet Madhu. She tells him that before she met Sultan and before she could complete RK gets irritated and leaves. Madhu follows him to his car but RK tries to avoid her. She asks him to at least listen to her once but he exclaims that he asked her so many times what is wrong with her but she didn’t share it with him and went to talk to Sultan. Watch as RK is unable to understand Sultan and Madhu’s friendship.

Radha looks for the picture and Dipali smirks knowing she has hidden it. Tired of searching, Radha comes to the hall and suddenly the lights go off. She notices a candle burning and Dipali enters the room. She shows her the picture of Mohan and Meera and asks if she’s looking for this. Watch as Dipali tries to blackmail Radha.

Will Radha accept the truth and bring justice to Meera and what will happen when RK comes to know if his father’s misdeeds? Keep watching this space for more updates!

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