Rajev- Born to be a ‘bad’shah!
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  • October 23, 2012
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Celebrities are used to living like badshahs and having all their whims fulfilled. So, in the Bigg Boss house, when the luxury task of Begums and Ghulams was announced, it wasn’t a difficult task for a few to do.
Enacting the role of the Badshah to the T was Rajev who was dressed in an all white attire and was seen directing his orders on his dasi, Karishma. Taking advantage of the task, Rajev didn’t let go off the opportunity to flirt with Karishma. Karishma whose job was the fulfil every wish of her master, had no choice but to listen to Rajev and bear his cheesy lines. On one occasion, Rajev is even seen handing Karishma a rose and asking her to be his Begum. 

While this drama is happening at one end of the garden area, Sidhu, Aseem and Vrajesh are observing it and finding it hard to control their laughter. They are left in splits because of Rajev’s overacting and give him the title of a 'tharki' Badshah. However, this doesn’t seem to deter Rajev one bit as he still continues in his over the top flirting. Now that's what we call dedication to his task! We wonder what Karishma has to say to that.

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