Ranbir and Kritika to meet soon?
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Kritika is at Arun’s house when his wife and two daughters walk in. Arun introduces Kritika as his brother’s daughter. She is broken on hearing this and gives it back to him, Arun explain to her about his reasons of not accepting her as his daughter.  He feels guilty about this and even wants to apologize to Kritika’s mother for the same. Kritika then informs him about her mother Malini’s death. Arun requests Kritika to stay with him. Hearing this, Jiya is very happy and helps Kritika set the store room. She even offers to show her Mumbai city!


Ranbir in the meantime talks about Kritika to Akki and shows interest in meeting her. Ishani, Jiya’s sister sees a picture of Ranbir in the newspaper with a stole. Kritika unfortunately misses his picture of his with her stole. While Kritika is with Jiya in the market, they hit and miss each other but felt each other’s presence around. Will they ever meet meet?


In a series of events further, Akki and Rambir go out on a date and simultaneously, Kritika is out too buying sugar when a drunk man starts following her. To escape the situation, she finds Ranbir’s unlocked car and hides in the backseat of the car. This is when Ranbir gets into the car and they both see each other. What happens next? Stay tuned to watch what happens in the lives of Kritika and Ranbir.





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