Rano Tries To Turn Bedi Family Against Tanuja On ‘Kasam’
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Previously on the show, Rohit tried to stop his parents from leaving. Tanuja went to Smiley and tried to console her. Rano blamed Tanuja over her decision and told her she only cares about money, calling her greedy. She then accused Rishi and told him to keep Tanuja in check. Smiley told Tanuja that she understood why she made the decision and thanked her for standing in her support. Ahana and Manpreet overheard their conversation. Ahana said that she misunderstood her yet again. She apologised to Tanuja and she in turn told her not to blame herself.

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Rishi witnessed the whole thing and reprimanded himself for not understanding Tanuja. Netra went to Rano and told her about everything. Rano got furious and bemoaned the fact that Netra cannot even make Rishi look at her. Rishi told Tanuja that he knows that she has immense love for his family and him and told her to confess. An announcement was then made of a challenge to take place in the giddha. Tanuja was asked to participate along with Netra in this competition. Rano discussed with Divya about how Netra will make Tanuja fall. Rishi overheard the conversation and got worried. He lingered around Tanuja to catch her in case she fell. In the end, Tanuja made Netra fall down as everyone looked on in amusement.

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In the coming episodes, Rano will make a shocking announcement which will put Rishi and Tanuja’s relationship in further jeopardy.

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Do you want to know what it is?


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