Ranveer and Sonakshi try bringing Akash-Meethi together #Uttaran Weekly Update 27th June to 3rd July 2013
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The week began with Akash promising to get Meethi back to Kajri. He resolves to sort all issues with her and to return Aatishgarh along with Meethi. Watch as Akash leaves with hopes in his eyes.

Damini gets a heart attack and Meethi is unable to take her to the hospital. She informs Jogi Thakur on phone and he assures her that they will return as soon as possible. Due to rains even the ambulance gets stuck in traffic and this puts Meethi in grave tension. Finally, the door bell rings and a person on door helps Meethi take Damini to the hospital. Watch this mystery man right here.

Agarth Mama goes to meet Surbhi and tells her about his plan. He assures her that they will be successful and she will get all her happiness back. Watch as Surbhi is touched on seeing her father’s concern.

In the hospital, doctors ask Meethi to calm down as they get to operate on Damini. Jogi and family reach and applaud Meethi on taking care of the situation alone. But she reveals that she got help from someone and makes them meet him. Watch as it’s revealed that the mystery man was Vishnu.

Damini mutters Ekadish’s name and cries out for Meethi who goes to check on her. Meethi is shocked to hear Ekadish’s name and urges Damini to say more but the doctors ask her to leave the patient alone and Vishnu takes her away from the ICU. Watch as Meethi realizes that Ekadish is responsible for Damini’s condition.

Akash reaches Thakur house and there gets to know that the family is at the hospital. Doctor informs Thakur family that Damini has lost a lot of blood and immediately needs O-. Everybody tries to look for donor but the doctors find one soon enough and inform Thakur family about the same. When Meethi goes to thank the donor she finds Akash donating blood to Damini. Watch Meethi’s reaction on seeing Akash in this video.

Kajri comes to give blanket to Kadambari and tells her how Agarth Mama has changed. She informs him about Akash going to get Meethi back and exclaims her confusion on keeping Surbhi locked in a room. When Kadambari hears this she gets tensed and warns Kajri to not believe Agarth Mama for even a moment. Watch this sequence right here.

After donating blood, Akash goes to meet Meethi but she asks him to go away. He apologizes to her in front of her family and explains that things have changed now and he wants to take her back. Watch as Meethi slaps Akash.

Both Meethi and Akash go out to be alone and while Akash meets Ranveer Singh, Meethi meets Sonakshi Sinha. Sonakshi tries to explain Meethi that she understands her pain as she too was ditched in love and on the other hand Ranveer tries to boost Akash’s morale and asks him to keep patience. Watch as Ranveer and Sonakshi help in bringing Akash and Meethi together.

Guruji visits Aatishgarh haveli and Agarth Mma rushes to welcome him. Guruji comments about the negative vibes he feels around the house and how a positive person was left hurt and insulted. Agarth Mama accepts his prediction and talks about Meethi’s return. Guruji feels another secret is hiding in the house which is creating havoc. Watch as Guruji predicts the future of Maiyya’s family.

Kajri goes to check on Surbhi and hears her vomiting. She tells about it to Pavitra who finally understands the entire story and rushes to announce downstairs. Watch as its revealed that Surbhi is pregnant with Kanha’s kid.

Maiyya realizes her brother’s plans to get Meethi back and mocks him about the same. Even Guruji agrees that this is the secret creating issues in the house. Surbhi is brought down to take Guruji’s blessings and she asks him if her child will ever get family love. Watch as Guruji predicts the future of Surbhi’s child.

Meethi and Mukta go to the temple and find Akash there. They are about to leave when Akash asks Meethi to stop. When she doesn’t listen, he pulls her hand and the passersby ask him to not trouble a girl. Watch as Akash calls Meethi his wife in public.

Damini gains consciousness and meets Meethi and family. She asks Meethi and Mukta to leave from the room as she needs to talk to the family. Once alone, Damini tells Jogi Thakur about Ekadish’s call and begs him to not send Meethi with Akash. Meethi, who overhears this conversation from the door, promises to never return with Akash. Watch this sequence right here.

Will Akash manage to convince Meethi of his love or will fate play another game? Keep watching this space for more updates!

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