Read How These Top Six Khiladis Made Their Way To The Finale
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The seventh season of reality show Khatron Ke Khiladi is coming to an end.Throughout the past 9 weeks, we have seen the khiladis push the boundaries and test their endurance level. Here is the list of the top 6 contestants who have survived through the many keeda-full stunts and made it through to the finale week. Let's take a look at the top 6 Khiladis.


Raghav Juyal – Raghav's journey on the show has been a roller coaster ride. The king of slow motion did not get to attempt a lot of stunts at the beginning but when he did, he goofed-up in many out of sheer excitement to perform the stunt. But eventually, he took control of the game and performed many stunts on the show and emerged a s a strong contender. Some of Raghav's stunt s have been absolutely amazing like ' saap sungh gaya' besides others. The best part of Raghav as a contestant was that he performed all the stunts even the deadlier ones with a smile on his face.



Tanishaa – Tanishaa is known for her glam factor and was undoubtedly one of the hottest gals on the show. Tanishaa's physical fitness helped her give her best during all her stunts. When the stunts were being performed in teams, Tanishaa remained the captain of her team throughout. Whenever her teammates refused to take up a task, she didn't force it on them but took the opportunity to perform it on her own. This attitude of hers proved her to be a good captain-someone who believed in team spirit.



Sana Saeed – Sana Saeed's performance on the show has been so commendable, that she has steered clear of the fear phanda quite a many times. Sana definitely added to the glamour quotient on the show and the way she carried herself with a lot panache, she cleared spelled 'war' on the show. All the hard work that she has put in during the various stunts proves that she is truly fearless and deserving to be in the top 5. Go Girl!


Mukti Mohan – Mukti's fearless moves and perfect stamina gave her an upper hand in all the physically challenging stunts. Mukti, who is a national level swimmer performed all the water stunts with great ease after the first hiccup. Apart from being a good swimmer, she has been an incredible team player, who never came back without winning any of the stunts when sent in by the captain to represent her team.


Sidharth Shukla – With a passion for fitness and a daredevil nature, Sidharth was considered as one of the ideal contestants to be on the show. Despite getting eliminated in the fourth week, he was given another chance and he made a re-entry on the show as a wild card entrant and made it through the many weeks following his re-entry to the finale week. His 'do or die' attitude has been quite prevalent from the start as he has never turned down any of the stunts that has come his way. Kudos to Sidharth!






Vivian Dsena – Vivian Dsena is a footballer and a daredevil who loves challenges. The hunk was seen as the first wild card entrant who challenged all the contestants from the very beginning. He has always been seen putting his best foot forward. 

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