Recap: Parichay 28th Sep -4th Oct
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Richa sees Siddhi at her house. Siddhi reminds Richa of the deal they had nine years ago, but is shocked at Richa's attempts of making a permanent place in Kunal's life and succeeding. Richa is shocked to learn about the lie Kunal has made Siddhi believe in. Siddhi while leaving assures Richa that she is not a home breaker and would never come in the way of her and Kunal's relationship. Seema and Richa confront Kunal for his lie and ask him to confess the truth in front of Siddhi. Scared to lose Anand, Kunal refuses. Another altercation happens between Kunal and Richa when he sees Siddhi and her having a face-off in the office. He sternly tells Richa that he wold go to any extent do anything literally to save Anand. Richa retorts by saying that she is fed-up being a puppet in Kunal's life and dares him to marry her by picking up some sindoor, since she is already his wife in front of Siddhi, so he might as well authenticate this lie.

Kunal reacts vehemently refusing to get married to Richa because after what happened between him and Siddi, he hates the very institution of marriage. Siddhi on the other side is wondering about what Richa had wanted to reveal. In quest of knowing the secret she tries to follow Richa, but is interrupted by a call from Abhay . Sulekha realizes that Abhay feels much more for Siddhi than he admits, and decides to bring both of them together. Richa on her side ends up threatening Kunal and warns him if he doesn't decide to marry her in two days, she will reveal the secret and he might end up losing his son. Kunal is shocked & shaken.

Even while both the Anands are desperately thinking of how to get their parents together, Siddi and Kunal are  drifting apart mentally. Siddi is unintentionally growing closer to Abhay, whereas, pushed by the circumstances, Kunal is growing closer to Richa. Meanwhile Seema is desperately wishing for some miracle to happen that can bring Siddhi and Kunal together once again, thinking that, even though she didn't like Siddhi after what she did, she would at least make a better mother then Richa, who has been using the child for the last nine years to get her way into Kunal's life and has now gone down to the level of blackmailing him emotionally. Kunal and Siddi come face to face in the office and skirmish over something – but it brings them physically a bit closer – and the chemistry is palpable – and shakes both of them. 

Kunal and Siddi move away from each other awkwardly…but somebody has seen them moving off from behind the venetian blinds. On the other hand the camp is about to end and both Anand and Anand have trained each other to swipe their lives and decide to go for the kill – change their places to exchange themselves for their parents to bring get them together. Richa lands up at Kunal’s house and acts like the proverbial bahu and Veena appreciates her efforts when Abhay on the other hand lands up with Siddhi at Kunal's house for some work. Later when Kunal comes over to the Diwan residence to get Abhay’s signatures on the prepared documents, he gets the shock of his life – he overhears Sulekha pressurising Abhay to propose to Siddi right now. Suddenly then Siddi walks in and even as Sulekha tells her that Abhay has got a surprise for her, Siddhi admits that she knows the surprise and it’s a yes from her side – Kunal gets into a state of shock and feels highly upset.

As upset Kunal is about to walk out, Abhay notices and calls him back to give him some personal work and help him out, Kunal reluctantly stays back. It is by now established that Siddhi was talking about something else not her marriage with Abhay.


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