Recap: Read to know what happened in the first two episodes of ‘Bepannaah.’
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The story of ‘Bepannaah’ opens up showing Zoya and Aditya happy in their respective lives, deeply in love with their spouses.  





Zoya is  beautiful and a loving wife, who would do anything for her husband, Yash.  On the other hand Aditya, who is a professional pilot is married to his childhood friend, Pooja and has been lucky enough to have found love in the form of his best friend.





Yash and Pooja although are equally devoted towards their respective partners, they have a deep secret which nobody knows.



Incidentally, Aditya and Zoya meet at a shop in Mussoorie to buy gifts for their partners as it’s Pooja’s birthday and Yash and Zoya’s anniversary. The duo’s eyes fix on the same Gramophone; they find it to be the perfect gift. They have a cute argument over who owns it. Eventually, Aditya manages to flee away with the Gramophone and Zoya chases him to get it back.





Just when everything seems perfect, Aditya and Zoya receive the most terrible news! The police informs them that Yash and Pooja died in car accident! World comes crashing down for Zoya and Aditya, they reach the accident spot and find that Yash and Pooja died holding each other’s hands.



Aditya feels shattered and broken to see that! He realizes that he was being cheated, but Zoya refuses to believe what she sees.





Aditya remains infuriated, whereas Zoya tries to find out the reasons for what could have led Yash to hold hand of the other woman at the time of his death.



Post the autopsy of the bodies, the police calls it to be a ‘normal accident’ and handovers the bodies to the respective families.



Here begins the story of Zoya and Aditya!



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