Renu’s double whammy in Na Bole Tum!
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  • August 21, 2012
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We've seen Renu taunt Megha, we've seen her go against Mohan and plot about Mohan and Megha's separation. But what if you see Renu being all posh and well-educated? That is what is going to happen in Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuchh Kaha as the show gears up for the entry of Venu, Renu's twin sister. That is what we call double trouble!
But Venu doesn't seem to have picked up Renu's characteristic mean streak. And neither has she found domestic bliss. Venu, who will be seen on the show soon, is a well-educated and smart woman. Not street smart and conniving like Renu Vyas, though. Venu, unlike her sister, is a naive woman. And she will spice things up in the Vyas house.
Venu is an air hostess by profession and will come into the Vyas family. Though Renu is settled with her husband and son, Venu is still single and more than ready to mingle. She is an air hostess by profession, but her love life still hasn't taken off. That is why she is forever on the lookout for her soulmate. And we have news on who her potential soulmate is. 

Venu's next love will be none other than our very own Guru! Guru, our eternal bachelor, will be the next target of Venu, who will pursue Guru according to advice from her astrologer. Poor Guru!

So if Renu wasn't enough to cause chaos in the Vyas household, her alter ego Venu is also jumping in the fray. All we can say is, beware of the twins!

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