Reyansh is causing trouble between Pankti and Ahaan
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Sheetal manages to escape but lands up in another trouble and sends a message to Pankti. Ahaan is offered a song and requests Pankti for her help with it. Worried about Sheetal, Pankti is unable to concentrate and they get into a fight over this. 

Ahaan is trying to figure out his song whereas Pankti is busy trying to find Sheetal. Meanwhile, Reyansh orders Pankti to get roasted chicken and scotch which triggers JD's memories for her. 

Ahaan suggests that Pankti and he act in the song but Reyansh disapproves of this. Pankti catches Reyansh talking to someone on the phone and gets suspicious. When she confronts him, he brushes her off but she doesn't seem convinced. 

Pankti and Ahaan are in for another shock when they see Monty asking Kaira to marry him and they have an argument over this which pleases Reyansh. 


Watch Tu Aashiqui to know what Reyansh plans to do next. 

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