Rising Star 2: A brilliant start of #DuelsKiTakkar.
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  • February 12, 2018
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Last week we told you how it was time for #DuelsKiTakkar on Rising Star 2.



This Saturday, contestants who were set to face off against each other performed together, setting the perfect tone for the upcoming exciting Duels Ki Takkar performances.



First off to perform were Dr. Sudeep Ranjan and Ashwin Prabhu. 




Where Ashwin Prabhi was unable to beat Dr. Sudeep Ranjan’s score of 63% votes and had to leave the competition. However, the experts left Sudeep Ranjan with a warning to perform better next time if he aims at winning this show.  




Next up were the ‘Chhote Ustaad’- Soham & Chaitanya and Vishnumaya Ramesh. All the contestants performed brilliantly but Soham and Chaitanya couldn’t beat the high score of 93% set by Vishnumaya. 






All set to perform next were two powerful women – Debanjali and Mamta Raut.


Debanjali was unable to get votes from our experts Shankar Mahadevan and Monali Thakur, as a result of which her score was just 68%.


Mamta Raut was able to raise the wall and make a place for herself in the Top 16 with 85% votes. 






Lastly, it was time for the highest scorers of the LIVE auditions round to go head to head. Rohanpreet and Raenit Singh. Here Raenit Singh missed the mark by just 2% and couldn’t raise the wall even after putting up a brilliant performance.




This left the judges shocked and audience heart broken. 


By the end of this episode, Dr. Sudeep Ranjan, Vishnumaya Ramesh, Mamta Raut and Rohanpreet became the first few contestants to confirm their place in the Top 16 of Rising Star 2. 




Stay tuned to know who else will make it to the next round, every Sat-Sun 9 PM. 

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