Rising Star 2: Dream of becoming a singer? No barriers can stop you now! #UthaoSochKiDeewar
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  • January 15, 2018
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Nothing remains constant but ‘change’. Gone are those days when you had to face several hurdles in order to pursue your dream.



COLORS comes up with Rising Star 2, which gives a strong message of changing our own mindset first in order to see a better and a happier world  by calling out ‘Uthao Soch Ki Deewar’. It’s us who carry barriers in our hearts and stick to restricted thoughts.





Through Rising Star 2 it will be crystal clear for each one of us that if one imagines of becoming a singer he/she need not be of a particular caste or creed, of any particular race or religion or of a particular background or education. Yes you can become a singer too! Everyone is free to chase his or her dream and make them a reality! This means that the contestants participating this year are coming to amaze you even more, especially after you know them coming from different walks of life.



Just like last year the show is once again getting some multi-talented singers from all corners of India.



A fresh lot of singers will go LIVE every Saturday and Sunday starting 20th January at 9 PM!



You will be the judges once again! Choose your favorite contestant by voting LIVE!



Rising Star 2, Sat-Sun at 9 PM!

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