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Rising star is India’s first live singing reality show. This statement itself tells us a lot about the show and its innovation. But, there is more. This season, Rising Star is out to break down all stereotypical believes in our daily lives with the tagline #UthaoSochKiDeewar. All the contestants individually have faced problems related to this topic and they have somehow managed to break barriers. Let’s have a look at our contestant stories and take inspiration.


Mamta Raut


31-year-old Mamta from Ranchi has set an example for women all over. Her young days were not all happy as her father abandoned her mother, her and her 7 sisters because he did not wish to take on their responsibility. This incident will, for anyone, result in a mental and emotional break down. But, her family made sure to go against this mentality and gain empowerment. Today, the Raut women are all self-made where 2 of them work in the army and 2 are in the police force. #UthaoSochKiDeewar


Debanjali Chaterjee


Debanjali is from Kolkata and she is 29 years of age. At the prime of her life, she has faced something that is unfortunately a common aspect in relationships but unlike others, she took the decision to speak about it. Yes, Debanjali was a victim of domestic violence but she refused to keep shut about it. She now wishes to be the voice of all such other victims and help them to stand by #UthaoSochKiDeewar.


Sriprasanna Pendyala


There is a common belief in relation to linguistics in India which says that south Indians can’t speak hindi. 21-year-old Sriprasanna from Vishakhapatnam is out to prove everyone wrong. She is a Telugu girl who wants a break in the Bollywood singing industry and she wishes to do so through Rising Star. At such a young age, she is making the country see beyond geographical boundaries and making them live by #UthaoSochKiDeewar.




Rohanpreet is the son of a power lifter. He along with his entire family is breaking the social norm relating to the part where a power lifter’s son needs to be the same. Rohanpreet’s father kept in mind his son’s talent and dreams and decided to breakdown this imaginary wall and followed #UthaoSockKiDeewar.


Rajnigandha Shekhawat


Rajnigandha being from Jaipur follows the tradition of keeping the ‘ghoonghat’ on her head at all times. At the age of 43, she is fighting all odds and appearing as a contestant on this reality show without any compromise towards her tradition. She is giving a clear example of the concept of the show #UthaoSochKiDeewar


Dr. Sandeep Ranjan


24-year-old Sandeep Ranjan from Guwahati proves to the world that professions go beyond doctors and engineers; Singing is also an equal profession here. This is how Dr. Sandeep Ranjan breaks the stereotype and follows #UthaoSochKiDeewar


Sindhu Wadekar


60-year-old Sindhu proves that age is never a barrier when its about living your dream. She is a single mother who worked as a postwoman for 32 years to support her family. Now that she has retired, she plans to fulfill her lifelong dream of being a singer. This is how Sindhu destroys the age barrier and lives by #UthaoSochKiDeewar


Sanghpal Tyade


33-year-old Sanghpal from Jalgaon is not letting his profession describe him. Although he is a police officer by profession, he wished to keep his singing dream alive and he is going to do that through India’s only live reality singing show Rising Star. He refused to let the society or profession make life decisions for him and followed the statement #UthaoSochKiDeewar.



This was a little sneak peek into the lives of the contestants and the hardships they have overcome to be a part of India’s only live singing reality show. Are you excited to watch them live? Let us know in the comments. 


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