RK and Sultan are brothers! #Madhubala Weekly Update – 10th June to 15th June 2013
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The week began with RK and Madhu completing seven pheras. After being officially married RK apologized to Padmini for all his past doings and promised to take good care of Madhu. Looking at the circumstances, Padmini forgave RK much to Madhu’s surprise and blessed the newly married couple. Watch as RK apologizes to Padmini.

RK signals Bittuji which Madhu notices. When she asks the matter, Bittuji explains that how RK kept a contest to ask suggestions to buy a gift for her and the contest winners are at the wedding. Watch as RK and Madhu meet the lucky winners!

Sultan is disturbed to know that even Kaka hid the truth from him. Next morning he orders Rashid to take him to meet his real mother. Watch as Sultan decides to face his past.

Madhu still insists that RK give a gift on his own and not with anyone’s suggestion. RK then calls all the kids from the NGO Touch they had met earlier and Madhu is happily surprised to see them.  Watch as the kids wish RK and Madhu on their joyous day.

Rashid takes Sultan to a hospital and enquires about a patient admitted 30 years back. At that moment a lady comes running and collides with Sultan. She catches hold of him and requests him to not go away from her. Rashid exclaims that she is Meera, Sultan’s mother! Watch Meera’s entry in this video.

Doctors try to calm Meera down and she keeps uttering a name, ‘Mohan’. When Sultan asks Rashid who Mohan is the former explains that she is talking about his real father. Sultan urges him to give more information and he reveals that his father is Mohan Kundra. Watch as Rashid explains Meera and Mohan Kundra’s story to Sultan.

RK takes Madhu aside to talk and shares how he was scared that he was going to lose her. RK then decides to gift her something unique and promises to act like Madhu and love her like how she loves him till the next day. In return Madhu too promises to show her love RK style and they have a deal. To seal it RK is about to kiss Madhu but the two are caught by Radhaji and Bittuji. Watch their romantic moment in this video.

Sultan is shocked to know that he is RK’s brother and wants to know full details. He asks Rashid to explain how he came to live with him and Nazia and Rashid shares the story with him. Watch as Sultan’s past is explained in this video.

Radhaji brings the couple home and Madhu does the grihpravesh rituals. Watch the complete rituals here. Dipali taunts on how Madhu has always been living in this house making RK remember that he had asked them to leave. Madhu takes the situation in her hands and forces Dipali to choose whether she will behave and stay in the house or leave forever? Watch Dipali’s answer in this video.

RK and Madhu complete rest of the rituals and play a few games. RK lets Madhu win citing that since she’s acting RK she can’t be losing. Radhaji then gifts a family kangan to Madhu the other half shown in Meera’s hand. Watch as Sultan resolves to get his mother her rights back.

Finally RK takes Madhu to his room and much to her surprise starts packing. When she enquires he declares that they are going some where out and makes her sit in the car. Unfortunately the car breaks down and RK and Madhu are forced to spend the night at the studio. Watch as Madhu wonders how their first night will go.

Sultan goes to meet Meera and asks the doctors if he can take her home. Meera requests him to make her meet his son and when he calls her Maa she slaps him. Watch Sultan calling Meera Ma for the first time in this video.

Will Sultan make RK pay for his father’s misdeeds and how will RK react when he comes to know that Sultan is his brother? Keep watching this space for more updates!


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