RK asks Madhu to marry him #Madhubala Weekly Update 13th May to 18th May
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The week began with Madhu returning to the mansion. RK feels relieved to see her but Madhu explains how tired she is proving her love and doesn’t know what to do make him trust her. When RK tries to reason his doubt over sultan, Madhu picks up the knife and attempts to slit her wrist so he would believe her. Watch as tired of RK’s insecurity Madhu decides to end her life.

RK asks her to forgive him but Madhu doesn’t relent and asks him to go away. She states her displeasure of being taken as his private property and blames him for not truly loving her. He keeps attempting to explain himself but she cuts him short and asks to be left alone. Watch as Madhu tries to push RK away.

Sikky tries to explain Dipali that they should asks forgiveness from Madhu but she doesn’t listen. RK comes and asks them to leave immediately but they’re stopped by Madhu. She asks them to stay and announces she is going back to her mother’s home. This puts RK in shock and pleads to Madhu to not leave him. She says how he can’t even accept their love in front of everyone so she sees no point in staying with him. Watch as Madhu leaves RK forever!

Madhu returns to the chawl and finds Sultan and Aryan at her place. While talking to Trishna, Sultan overhears her conversation and asks her to share her problems with him. Madhu says she’s waiting to complete the last part of her plan wherein she knows RK would come and declare his love for her. Sultan asks if it’s worth taking the risk and she explains how even a person like him, who is a gangster, understand love but not RK. Watch as Madhu’s words of praise make Sultan blush.

Sultan takes Aryan to the dargah and questions his feelings for Madhu. He then imagines her around him and realizes that he is falling for her. He goes back to the chawl to talk to Madhu and before he could say what’s on his mind, Madhu gets distracted. Watch as Sultan tries to confess his feelings to Madhu.

Madhu notices a hoarding of her and RK’s picture with the caption of ‘I Love You’ and is befuddled. RK’s car enters the chawl and Radhaji steps out and RK talks on the blow horn. He tells Madhu he has realized his feelings for her and is here to ask forgiveness. He then gets out of the car and spreads flowers on the staircase and asks Madhu to come down. Watch RK’s entry in this video. 

RK confesses he was fool to not have believed Madhu’s love and asks her to accept his apology. He wants her to give him another chance and promises to not break her trust and to do everything without any drama. He then kneels down and asks her to marry him and become his wife officially. Madhu is taken aback by his proposal but finally says yes! Watch RK’s heartfelt proposal in this video.

Madhu goes to meet Padmini who is bewildered by her daughter’s actions. She questions her if she’s still going to stick to her plans but Madhu is unable to answer. RK calls Padmini ‘Maa’ and asks her to forget everything and bless the couple for a new start. He wishes to take Madhu to his house with complete rituals but she states her desire to go back to the mansion. Watch their conversation in this video.

After returning home, Madhu keeps thinking about RK’s proposal. He talks about his grand plans for marriage but looking at her lost n thoughts he suggests he do something simple at home. Madhu disagrees and requests for everyone to be present n her wedding. This worries RK and he asks if she’s hiding something from him. Watch Madhu’s answer in this video.

Dipali goes to Madhu’s home and warns Padmini to take care of her daughter. She praises them for their bold move to take revenge from RK but reminds how he can get downright mean to get even. She threatens them of the consequences of their actions and this worries Padmini. Dipali emotionally tries to blackmail them taking Radhaji’s name and exaggerates on how Madhu is cheating everyone in her effort to avenge RK’s betrayal. Watch as Dipali’s words leave Madhu’s family in state of despair.

Madhu puts on her bridal wear and smiles at her image. But suddenly she realizes how once again she’s softening towards RK and if he truly meant what he said in his proposal. She is totally confused whether RK’s words are true or if he’s again playing with her emotions but before reaching to any conclusion RK enters and takes her to show something. Watch as Madhu ponders over forgiving RK.

RK takes Madhu to the house he had started to build for her and promises to gift it to her. He swears on not hurting her this time and in fact hopes that he remains hurt so he can feel the pain. Madhu is uncomfortable with the idea of RK doing something for her and questions his motive. Watch as RK punishes himself for Madhu.

With their wedding day approaching soon, will RK and Madhu finally tie the knot and settle down or will there be a new twist? Keep watching this space for latest updates!

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