RK gets acquainted with Sultan #Madhubala Weekly Update – 18th Mar to 23rd Mar
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The week began with RK blaming Madhu for the damage done to his car. He insults her in front of the entire crew and comments how her lover boy is ready to go to any extent to fight for her. RK feels highly irritated by reading Sultan’s letter and vents all his frustration on Madhu. Watch as Sultan’s actions irk RK in this video.

After listening to RK’s tirades, Madhu goes to Sultan’s house and shouts on him for doing such a foolish thing. She expresses how RK embarrassed her in front of everyone and blames Sultan for the same. Watch as Madhu makes Sultan feel sorry for his actions.

Frustrated, RK goes home and drunk dials Madhu and insists on knowing her lover’s name. Madhu tries to avoid but RK keeps calling again and again. When Madhu hears a knock on the door she thinks RK has come but finds Sultan waiting at the door. He apologizes to Madhu for bringing her in between and offers cash to pay for the damage. Watch this entire sequence here.

Drunk, RK drives rashly and hits a tree. At that moment, Sultan reaches the spot and offers to help RK. Both are unable to see each other properly due to poor light but once RK starts talking in the car, Sultan realizes it is RK who he has helped. RK talks about Madhu and confesses on being jealous of the new guy. Watch as RK meets his nemesis not knowing that he is the cause of his frustration.

Next day on sets, RK once again forces Madhu to reveal her guy’s name but she asks him to mind his own business. When he doesn’t listen Madhu questions his rights to ask her and RK immediately calls her Biwi!

When nothing works, RK starts switching off the lights and harasses Madhu to reveal the name. Scared of his insecurity, Madhu takes Sultan’s name and RK immediately thinks about the guy who dropped him home. Watch as RK finally comes to know about Sultan.

Sultan finds out that Bhujang’s dealing without his approval and goes to confront him. But once there, Sultan gets ambushed by Bhujang and gets involved in a shootout. He manages to fight everyone but gets shot in the process. Watch Sultan’s deadly encounter with Bhujang in this video.

Kaka brings Aryan to Madhu and asks her to look over him while he tries to search for Sultan. Later he gets a call from Sultan and the three rush to meet him. Sultan expresses his displeasure on seeing Madhu but faints while talking. Madhu tries to revive him while Kaka heats a knife and asks Madhu to remove the bullet from his shoulder. Watch as Sultan hangs between life and death.

Will Madhu manage to save Sultan’s life and what will RK do when he comes to know that Madhu risked her life for Sultan? Keep watching this space to know more about your favorite shows!


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