RK-Madhu complete saat pheras! #Madhubala Weekly Update 3rd June to 8th June
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The week began with Madhu contemplating if she should tell RK the whole truth. She worries about how she will take vows with him in front of Bappa and gets scared. Sultan enters her room and she confides in him how big a mistake she was about to do. Sultan tries to comfort her and seeing this Dipali tells Sikky to call RK and tell him there’s a thief in Madhu’s room. Watch this sequence right here.

On hearing the news RK runs back home to save Madhu. Sultan promises Madhu he will take care of her and offers to take her away but she refuses and states she wants to tell RK the entire truth and be with him forever. Sultan is stunned to hear this and asks what about her plan of taking revenge. Madhu confesses she can’t do it because she loves RK too much. RK, on the other hand, overheard their conversation. Watch RK’s reaction in this video.

RK locks himself in the room and Madhu begs him to listen to her. She shouts on Sultan to leave immediately and tries to open RK’s door. Dipali tries to instigate Radhaji about how she was right about Madhu till now but nobody pays attention to her. Watch RK and Madhu break down in this video.

RK drags Madhu with him and takes her in his car. She tries to explain herself but RK keeps driving. They reach the house RK is building for Madhu and inside she sees a room decorated with flowers. RK shares how he has been preparing everything for her since morning and is hurt to know that she’s been faking her love. He questions her about Sultan’s presence in the room and Madhu tries to justify. Watch Madhu answers RK’s questions in this video.

RK mocks her and congratulates her for completing her plan. Madhu denies feeling any happiness in hurting Madhu but RK confesses that he did feel what Madhu intended him to, he did fall in love with her and feels like a fool. He realizes that he turned Madhu into him but couldn’t adopt her way of loving. Watch as RK bares his feelings in front of Madhu.

Sultan is shattered to know that Madhu still loves RK and while driving, he accidentally bumps off a man. He immediately gets down to check and the man demands him to pay for the damages. When Sultan opens his wallet to pay, the man notices Sultan’s mother picture in the wallet and calls her Nazia. Sultan assumes the man knows his mother and is about to ask him but he runs away. Watch as Sultan discovers someone from his past.

Madhu confesses she could never complete her plan because she didn’t have the heart to hurt RK. She still loves him as much as she did before and begs him to not leave her. RK comments that he ought to feel hatred for her and wants to know when she was going to tell him about her plan. Watch this sequence right here.

RK takes Madhu to the mandap and asks Bittuji to get everyone there. At the venue the press question RK as to why he hasn’t come with a baraat and he asks them to wait for the drama to unfold. He tells everyone that how Madhu and he started off the relation with hatred in heart but slowly it turned into love. Even when he ditched her the first time he knew he felt something for her because she had changed him. Watch RK’s full speech in this video.

Madhu begs him to stop insulting her in front of the media and tells everyone that she did want to take revenge but couldn’t do it. Madhu declares her feelings for RK and requests him to stop the drama. RK tells her the real reason of bringing her to the mandap and begs for forgiveness in front of family and media and asks her to marry him forgetting the past. Watch RK’s heartfelt apology in this video. 

Madhu is in tears over RK’s proposal and shouts on him for creating so much drama. She readily forgives RK and accepts his proposal to be together forever. Watch RK and Madhu’s reunion in this video.

Sultan manages to catch hold of Rasheed and brings him home. Kaka identifies him as Rasheed and asks Sultan what’s happening. Sultan brings an old photo of his parents and shows the two how the man in the picture is the same as Rasheed and he is his father. Sultan blames him for leaving him after his mother’s death but Rasheed confesses that Sultans’ mother is alive. Watch as Sultan comes to know the truth about his mother.

The wedding rituals begin and RK and Madhu exchange garlands. Sultan threatens Rasheed to tell him the entire truth and he explains how he and Nazia are his foster parents and his real mother is living in a hospital. In the wedding, panditji asks RK and Madhu to stand up for pheras and with each round explains the meaning of every vow. But at the fourth phera, RK stops Madhu and are all stunned. Watch RK-Madhu’s wedding ceremony in this video.

RK requests Padmini to smile and when Madhu doesn’t understand what’s happening he welcomes Roma and Trishna. Madhu is elated to see her family in the wedding and is about to go meet them but RK stops her and asks her to first complete seven pheras or else the guests will beat them up. When panditji asks Madhu to step forward for the next three rounds RK taunts her to think carefully before stepping in front of him. Madhu gives hi man apt answer and they manage to complete all seven rounds this time. Watch as RK and Madhu officially get married and complete saat pheras!

Now that the wedding is over, do you think RK and Madhu will embark on a new journey or will there be a new twist to their already twisted love story? Keep watching this space for more updates!

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