RK-Madhu’s drunken rendezvous! #Madhubala Weekly Update – 25th Feb to 2nd Mar
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The week began with Madhu slapping RK for forcefully stopping her from leaving. She taunts him that humiliating her in front of everyone wasn’t enough that he now wants to get physical. This agitates RK and he throws Madhu out of the studio. Watch their argument in this video.

Next day, RK decides to end Madhu’s drama once and for all and gives Dipali a cameo role in his movie and makes Madhu her hairdresser. Dipali makes full use of this opportunity and taunts Madhu for trying to come close to RK. She gives her shot and performs a cabaret with RK. Watch her performance in this video.

After the shot, Dipali once again tries to instigate Madhu and questions her decision to work in RK’s movie in spite of the hatred she feels for him. When Madhu goes home, even Trishna asks her whether she would forgive RK if he apologizes and all these things makes Madhu rethink her decision to take up the challenge. Watch this entire sequence right here.

RK thinks that he has won the challenge and informs this proudly to his mother. Later, he receives a first-aid box with small notes asking him to get well soon. When RK tries to find out who played this prank, Madhu owns up to it and declares her intention to now play the game in RK’s style and win the challenge at any cost. Watch as things heat up between RK and Madhu.

After pack-up RK announces a party for all crew members and invites Madhu too. Dipali seizes this opportunity and mixes alcohol in Madhu’s drink. RK also gets drunk and finds Madhu in the make up room and tries to talk to her. Watch as the two get drunk and share some light moments.

While drinking, RK and Madhu play ‘spin the bottle’ and RK asks Madhu why she left him? He said he thought it would be easy to take revenge from her but he is not happy and it pains him to see Madhu everyday. Watch here to know what Madhu said in reply.

Madhu too placed her question and asked RK the number of times he lied to her while he was pretending to be in love with her. RK replied that the only he time he has lied to her was when he said he’s heartless. Watch as RK gets emotional in front of Madhu.

Madhu blames him for ruining their relationship and RK asks her to forgive him and come back to him. Madhu tells him how she can’t trust him anymore but makes him promise that he would always listen to his heart and asks him to hug her once. RK then takes Madhu home with him and makes her sleep next to him.

Will this be a new beginning to RK-Madhu’s relationship or will this night separate them forever? Keep watching space to know more!


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