RK-Madhu’s wedding celebrations begin! #Madhubala Weekly Update 20th May to 25th May
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The week began with RK explaining his need to feel Madhu’s pain. She tries to apply ointment on his wounds but he doesn’t allow and wishes she would trust him once again. Watch as RK and Madhu share an emotional moment.

Padmini comes to the mansion and tries deterring Madhu from her plan. When RK hears she doesn’t want Madhu to get married to him, he apologizes for all the past mistakes and asks her for another chance. He once again confesses his love for Madhu in front of Padmini but she doesn’t pay him any heed and leaves with a word of warning. Watch as Madhu feels confused about her plan.

Madhu is upset after listening to her mother’s warning and RK tries to cheer her up. He takes her to his Dad’s studio and shares with her some sweet memories he spent with him. Both listen to a song from Mr. India and RK tells her that she’s the first person he has brought to the studio and wants her to be part of everything in his life. Watch as RK shares his life with Madhu.

Padmini goes to meet Sultan and requests him to save her daughter from RK. She suggests he kidnap her but Sultan fumes at the suggestion. Padmini is desperate to help Madhu and Sultan convinces her that he will have a word with Madhu and will make sure RK doesn’t touch her. Watch as Sultan plans to protect Madhu.

In the night, Madhu is unable to sleep and keeps thinking of the past. She goes to bring water but accidentally cuts her hand. RK rushes to help but she talks about the wounds on her soul and how hurt she felt when RK left her. RK apologizes once again and discusses how he wishes to love like Madhu, selfless love that won’t hurt anyone. In a flash Madhu remembers his betrayal and proposal and runs into RK’s arms! Watch as Madhu finally decides to forgive RK and accepts his love. 

Next morning, Madhu wakes up to a bouquet of flowers next to her and note by RK asking her to come to the bathroom after 5mins. But she goes in early and spoils RK’s surprise. When RK tries to pull her in the bathtub both fall and share an intimate moment.  

Madhu asks him to go out and play music. While RK is out Madhu dances on Payalia in a bathrobe and RK sneaks in to watch her dance. Watch this sequence right here.

RK prepares breakfast for Madhu and asks Bittuji to hold a nationwide contest to decide what wedding gifts he can buy for Madhu. At the table, he serves Madhu and asks her to say how he has fared in cooking. She praises the food but when RK tastes it he realizes it’s horrible. Watch as RK and Madhu enjoy some romantic moments.

Radhaji gifts a dress to Madhu and asks her to get ready for the Mehendi ceremony. RK challenges her to accept her love in front of everyone and Madhu accepts the task. After getting ready, they join a press conference where reporters ask RK if his love is true this time. RK is little peeved by the press and is about to answer back when Madhu stops him and takes care of the matter. Sultan watches this press conference on TV and fumes. Watch this sequence right here.

In the Mehendi ceremony, RK and Madhu keep reminding each other about the challenge and share some fun moments. After the function is over, Madhu tries to pull up her dupatta and RK jumps in to help. He offers to help her change her clothes but she refuses. RK insists and promises to keep his eyes closed. Eventually, RK helps Madhu change. Watch this intimate moment right here.

RK and Madhu are about to kiss when Sultan calls on Madhu’s phone. RK feels irritated and answers the call. He invites Sultan for their wedding and puts Madhu on phone. Sultan enquires if she’s okay and Madhu replies in affirmative. After keeping the phone, RK wonders how Sultan still has Madhu’s number and she tries to justify. He tells her that he isn’t the old RK anymore and trusts her completely. Watch as RK expresses his faith in Madhu.

Will Sultan do anything to prevent RK and Madhu’s wedding or will these two finally tie the knot? Keep watching this space for more updates!

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