RK turns possessive about Madhu #Madhubala Weekly Update – 11th Mar to 16th Mar
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The week began with Sultan walking in on Madhu on sets and threatening her to come with him at gunpoint. RK sees this from afar and thinks that Madhu is going with the guy at her own will and feels jealous. Watch as Madhu goes with Sultan leaving RK at shoot.

When they reach Sultan’s house, Madhu realizes that Aryan is down with fever and has been asking for her. She makes him drink milk and spends time with him. She understands that Sultan brought her in for Aryan but shows her displeasure at being threatened for it. Watch as Madhu argues with Sultan in this video.

Next day, RK asks for Madhu on sets but is told that she’s sick. Madhu leaves from Sultan’s house and finds RK waiting for her in chawl. When he questions her on why she’s been lying to her family and at work, Madhu asks him to mind his own business and to leave her house. Watch as RK confesses of being jealous to Madhu.

Before leaving, RK warns Madhu that he will find the guy and Padmini hears this. Madhu tells her family about Sultan and Padmini slaps her for getting into this mess. Madhu tries to explain but Padmini doesn’t listen. In the mansion, RK asks Bittuji to find out about the guy.  Watch this entire sequence right here.

One guy of Sultan’s gang, Bhujang, comes to meet him in his house. This is followed by other gang members and during dinner they discuss their work. Bhujang informs everyone about how he rejected a trade of diamonds and took a much better deal of drugs. On hearing this, Sultan pulls him by the collar and takes him out. Watch here to know how Sultan punished Bhujang for this mistake. 

On sets, RK is shooting a scene when Madhu gets a call from Aryan. RK mistakes it to be the guy Madhu was seen with and takes the phone away from Madhu. He yells on Aryan for disturbing his shoot and threatens to break both his legs. On hearing this Aryan gets scared and tells Sultan everything. In frustration, RK breaks Madhu’s phone and storms out of the shoot. Watch as RK is unable to control his insecurity for Madhu.

While traveling to and fro sets, Madhu realizes she’s being followed by a few men. She tricks them into following her behind a car and when they come in front she splashes pepper spray on them. The guys then confess to be spies hired by RK and listening to this Madhu rushes to RK’s house.

RK taunts her and asks if she’s here to collect money for her broken phone. He keeps insulting her and finally Madhu reveals how she found out about his amateur spies and is here to handover them to him. On hearing this, Radhaji slaps RK and cries over having such a son. She asks Bittuji to book her tickets for Delhi and decides to leave the house and RK.

In morning, Radhaji is about to leave when RK stops her and apologizes for his mistake. He promises to say sorry to Madhu and leaves for shoot. On sets, he tries to talk to Madhu but she doesn’t listen. Meanwhile, Sultan comes to the sets and breaks RK’s car’s windshield. Inside, RK corners Madhu and is about to wipe her tears when Bittuji asks him to come out immediately. RK sees the condition of his car and gets frustrated. Watch as RK reads the letter left for him by Sultan.

Will RK react over Sultan’s letter and try to take revenge? Will Madhu have to face the consequences of this ego battle between RK and Sultan? Keep watching this space for more updates!

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