RK’s Bollywood bash turns controversial #Madhubala Weekly Update 6th May to 11th May
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In the beginning of the week we saw how RK tried to impress Madhu and got decked up for the party. He dressed up as Salman Khan’s character from Bollywood and teased Madhu about her crush on the actor. RK promised to be her bodyguard all his life and be around 24/7 as he can’t keep himself away from her. Watch as the two share a romantic moment in this video.

Sultan contemplates whether he should go to Madhu’s party. Aryan is very much excited about the plan but when Kaka tells him that it’s only for grown ups he forces Sultan to attend who asks him to let the matter go. Aryan feels disappointed by sultan’s lack of interest and goes into in his room. Watch as Sultan feels confused whether to accept the invitation.

The party begins in full swing at the RK mansion and one by one all are introduced in their respective costumes. Dipali waits for Sultan to show up and gets impatient when he doesn’t arrive. She then plans to steal Madhu’s phone and send a message to Sultan and sends Sikky to do the deed. Watch as the two attempt to steal Madhu’s phone.

Madhu realizes her phone is missing and tells Radha and RK about the same. Dipali sends out a message to Sultan from Madhu’s phone asking him to come to the party as she needs him. When Sultan receives the message he doesn’t understand what to do. Watch Sultan’s reaction over the message in this video.

Dipali takes the stage and welcomes everyone to the party. She then performs on the song Parda and in the background a figure appears. Dipali introduces him in the song and the mystery man turns out to be Sultan. Watch as RK and Madhu get shocked seeing Sultan in the party.

Madhu asks him as to why he’s come here and he answers that she messaged. On hearing this RK fumes and insults both Madhu and Sultan. He sarcastically comments Sultan to stay back and in front of the guests insults Madhu and blames her to be cheating on him. When Sultan tries to stop him, RK punches him on the face. Watch all this drama in this video.

On Madhu’s request, Sultan doesn’t hit back and instead leaves the party. RK drags Madhu home and blames her for faking her love. He keeps insulting her while she insists that she didn’t send the message. She then proves it to him that she didn’t send the SMS as it was delivered at 10pm when she didn’t have her phone with her. Watch as questions Dipali if this was her doing.

Frustrated with Dipali’s attempts RK yells at her and asks her and Sikky to leave the house first thing in the morning. Dipali tries to explain that she wanted RK to realize what Madhu is up to but he doesn’t hear a single word. When Dipali reveals that she saw Madhu and sultan talking in the mall, Madhu isn’t able to answer to RK’s questioning gaze. Watch as Dipali tries to bring out the truth in front of RK.

Madhu lies that she never met Sultan in the mall and blames Dipali for cooking up a story. RK too believes that it must be one of Dipali’s plans and shows his irritation. When Sikky tries to apologize, RK asks him to beg forgiveness from Madhu but finds that Madhu has left the house. Watch as Madhu goes away leaving RK.

Sultan feels furious over the happenings of the party and wonders how Madhu puts up with RK. Madhu comes to his house to apologize and it is then revealed that how Madhu already knew about the message and has requested Sultan to come to the party and help her. Watch as Madhu reveals her complete plan to take revenge from RK.

Sultan questions her if her approach is right and if she’s turning into another RK. Madhu asks him to not make her weak and says sorry to have gotten him involved. In the mansion, RK laments about Madhu leaving and when she returns his hopes rise up. Watch as Madhu goes back to live with RK.

Will Madhu succeed in her plan to break RK’s heart or will RK figure it out before time? Keep watching this space for more updates! 

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