Roop and Shamsher bond!
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  • June 19, 2019
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This week on Roop, Samru confesses that he has trapped Shamsher and is on gunpoint. Just then Roop comes in and handles the situation. He has recorded Samru’s statement and Shamsher is released from jail. Everyone appreciates Roop’s effort. Later, outside the police station, an old lady blames Shamsher for her son’s death. Why is she blaming him? Is Shamsher really responsible for this death?





Shamsher is upset and is seen walking on the railway tracks. Roop rushes to save him before he is hit by the train. They then go to a bar there and this father-son duo is seen drinking. Shamsher tells Roop how he has nothing left in his life and that he wants to end it. Roop then consoles him and calms him down. The duo then come home drunk and to everyone’s surprise, even Roop is drunk. How will everyone react to this?


Going forward, we see that Shamsher solves a case with Roop’s help and even gets appreciated for the same. On reaching home, Ishika gives Roop a surprise! What could this be? Tune in to Roop from Monday to Friday at 10 pm.





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