Roop is in a fix?
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  • June 7, 2019
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Tonight, on Roop, we see Ishika meeting grooms at the dhaba as instructed by Shamsher. Looking at this, Roop is insecure and extremely jealous! The next morning, all the grooms are asked to make tea. The one who makes the best tea and arrangements will win the round. Roop is shocked to hear about this as he is the master in making tea. Shamsher eventually likes Abhay’s tea the most. Later, another competition is announced where everyone is supposed to make a mannequin wear a saree. Will Abhay win this as well? Going forward, Roop is seen doing something that shocks Ishita a lot! What could this be?

A day later in the final round, everyone is asked to make a cake at the dhaba and the one who’d make the best one would get to celebrate Ishika’s birthday with her. Who would win this?

Tune in to Roop tonight at 10 pm to know more.

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