Saavi & Nityam’s Wedding
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Vedika convinces Nityam for marrying Saavi and UD gets a call from Vedika who informs her about Saavi and Nityam’s wedding. Shiv who is at a Tea stall hears the news of Nityam and Saavi’s wedding on the phone and dances with joy blessing Saavi for being with him. Dimpy comes in to meet Sonam and says that she is there to collect the Bridal jewellery for Saavi and Sonam is heartbroken. Nityam and Saavi are brought to the mandap while Shiv meets Sonam promising her that he will come back to her once the food poisoning case is cleared. 

While the wedding rituals are happening, media reporters’ questions Vedika about Saavi snatching Nityam from her sister Sonam and Vedika calls Dimpy to help her out with the same. Dimpy tries to instigate Sonam against Saavi.

Nityam and Saavi are husband and wife now and it is the time for Saavi’s Bidaai. Everyone is emotional and Nityam and Saavi leave from the venue and on their way, the car breaks down and due to heavy rains, they can’t even move anywhere. On the other hand, the Goyal’s reach Hanuman gully and Sonam faces a walk of shame where the neighbours pity her and taunt her to come back home without getting married. Meanwhile, Nityam and Saavi who are stuck try contacting people to help them. Saavi calls her friends Raju bhaiya who comes with CP top help Nityam and Saavi and to take them home. Nityam initially refuses to get in the CP but ends up sitting in CP as he is left with no other option. Nityam and Saavi are heading towards their home when the media approach them and starts questioning them about the wedding.

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