Salman plays the Santa and enters the Bigg Boss house!
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  • December 23, 2012
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  • 4:09 pm

With Christmas arriving soon, there could be no gift better than the host of the show – Salman Khan, entering the house and treating the housemates. Just when Aashka thought that she would call Salman in if Rohit does not appear in the house next week, Bigg Boss decided to send Salman inside the house. He entered the house as a part of the 'Freeze and Release' task and all the housemates were standing still in a statue position. But soon after seeing Salman, no one could control themselves and they all went and hugged him immediately!

Playing Santa Claus, Salman Khan entered with a treat for the housemates by bringing in pizzas and juice for the entire house. While munching on the pizzas, he also spoke to the housemates individually and told them all, that they need to buck up and not get too emotional after reaching this stage. 

Let's hope that Salman's words of wisdom help the contestants understand the game better and they play with all their might in these last few weeks!

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