Salman will be back soon!
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  • August 10, 2012
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This to clear all the speculations about Isha Sharvani's choreographer partner, Salman waving a permanent goodbye to Jhalak because of his health. Well, we have a bad and a good news to share with you. Bad news is that yes, Salman will not be performing this week and the good news is that he will be back on the show next week!

It so happened that while rehearsing for their next act, Salman complained of acute pain in his neck and was rushed to the hospital. No need to fret as the doctors say that after some rest, he will be back in action and fit to perform.

Now, for all those curious souls, who are thinking about Isha's performance this week, let us tell you that 

you will not miss Isha in action as she will be a performing with another choreographer. Yes, you read that right, this week Cornel (Neha Bhasin's choreographer in the Wild Card round) will accompany Isha for yet another splendid performance.

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