Sampat gets the pink slip from Bigg Boss!
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  • November 9, 2012
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Known for her pink sarees and women’s liberation viewpoints, Sampat Pal, leader of the ‘Gulabi gang, exits the Bigg Boss house after a memorable stint of five weeks. Referred loving as ‘Mataji’, Sampat took her time to get along with the other housemates in the house as she had come from a completely different background and lifestyle. Slowly but steadily, Sampat opened up to her activist group of Aseem and Sapna, after a few days she was seen speaking to the women in the house about women rights. She was even seen giving Sapna a 'pink makeover'.

However, her friendship and admiration with Sapna didn’t last long and the two were soon seen drifting apart and complaining behind each other’s back. The highpoint of Sampat’s stay in the house came during the Rajneeti task where she took the task a little too seriously and fainted after the result of her team’s loss was announced. When it came to tasks, Sampat would participate as and when it would please her as a result of which she also won extra points for the luxury budget task.

Sampat, however was also sometimes a crowd favourite for her simple persona and innocent humor. She would continuously sing incident relevant songs and entertain the housemates. Her stories and way of speaking were a hit with the housemates who would always listen to them with rapt attention. Sampat even managed to take a dip in the swimming pool towards the final days of her stay in the house, much to the delight of the housemates. In her later days, she made a new friend in the form of Mink, who she thought was a genuine person. The Gulabi gang leader has definitely made a mark in the Bigg Boss house and her absence will be felt amongst the housemates, when it comes to entertainment!


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