Sanaya and I are great friends: Ankita Sharma
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Rudra and Paro’s chemistry is already making news but there’s another character that has caught everyone’s fancy; Rudra’s sultry unofficial girlfriend Laila. Played by Ankita Sharma this character is raw, bold and truly mesmerizing. We caught up with the stunning actress and asked her experience in portraying this role.

Q. Why did you choose the role of Laila, what you liked about it the most?

A. From a very long time I was looking to get out of the mould of being the typical bahu and going through the motions of rona-dhona. When Laila was offered, I immediately picked it up realizing this is it. She is bold, brave and takes a stand and that’s what I liked the most about this character.

Q. Laila is desi and glamorous and like you mentioned you haven’t played such a character earlier. So how did the transition take place?

A. Like I said, I was mentally prepared to do such roles. It wasn’t such a huge transition for me but yes the desi-ness and glamorous quotient is what I make a conscious effort to add in the character.

Q. You're already well-versed in classical dance and music and you recently shot a song sequence in Rangrasiya. Tell us something about it.

A. It was one of the best sequences I have shot in recent times! I love dancing and I have been under training since I was a kid. And when I was told that I have this song sequence to do, I was completely ready for it. And I am happy that the end result has come out so well.

Q. Will we see you do more such dance sequences in future?

A. Oh I hope so! See, my character is a dancer in the show so that will always remain a huge aspect of Laila’s personality.

Q. How has your equation been with your co-stars?

A. I already knew Ashish (Sharma), having worked on a movie with him before. This is the first time I am working with Sanaya and till now the bonding has been remarkable. She and I have a lot of fun in-between shots and anywhere you here giggling on-sets, you should know it’s us! People speculate that two actresses can’t be friends but I don’t believe that. Sanaya and I are really great friends.

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