Sapna goes from Black to floral!
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  • October 22, 2012
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Are you shocked to see the above picture? Well, trust Sapna to do the unexpected. Sapna had promised that she would wear nothing but black in the Bigg Boss house. And just when the housemates were getting used to seeing Sapna's dark side, Sapna springs a surprise! Obviously, to see the one woman in the house who has been consistently wearing black – whether it is with a saree or otherwise, wear anything besides it will come as a shock! Sapna, the eternal lady in black goes floral and will be seen wearing Sayantani’s dress! As soon as Sapna got ready and stepped out, she was showered with compliments by her fellow housemates. Sidhu couldn’t stop raving about her and complimented her on looking beautiful. However, Sapna wouldn’t be Sapna if she didn’t make her own eccentric style statement. On her floral dress, Sapna was seen wearing men’s shoes! 
Sapna has been seen giving makeovers to Delnaaz, Aseem and Dinesh in the house. Looks like Sapna is now in the mood for a fashion overhaul herself!
Now let's see if this floral, colourful mood lasts for a long time or Sapna goes back to black soon.Well, for now, looks like Sapna has once again grabbed everyone’s attention.


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