Sapna misses Aseem ‘Bhaiya’!
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  • November 4, 2012
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Everyone knows about the sparks flying between Sapna and Aseem during their stay together in the Bigg boss house. 

Housemates were seen talking about the chemistry developing between the two of them making them more than just friends. But before things could grow fonder, Aseem's eviction took place.

Sapna has been completely depressed since the day Aseem left. But to everyone's surprise even his eviction didn't stop Sapna from public displays of affection towards Aseem. She is not the kind of person who cares about what others will think and even on the day of the eviction she went and slept on Aseem's bed in the boys room instead of girls room. 


That beautiful dimpled smile seems to have vanished from her face and leaving eyes  filled with tears of grief. She has not been talking much to anyone and the crazy Sapna has completely become lifeless.The only one she was seen opening her heart out to was her teddy bear saying how badly she is missing Aseem. Infact she was also seen requesting Siddhu to vote her out as her role-model Aseem is not with her anymore so she finds her stay meaningless without him.




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