Saumya and Harman aren’t scared anymore!
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  • March 20, 2019
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This week on Shakti, we see a confident Saumya standing against the society and telling Harman to go live their family again. She isn’t scared to face the truth and wants to strive towards this with utmost dedication. Later, the lawyer hired by Harman and Saumya seems to underconfident of their case and plans to back out since his family and himself were being threatened by everyone  . Will Harman and Saumya be able to handle this situation?


Going forward, Saumya managed to find a witness to support her case. The duo is seen working hard to win their case. On day 1 of their hearing, Harman goes missing! Where could Harman be? Will Saumya go to the court alone to fight her case?


Tune in to shakti from Monday to Friday at 8 pm to know more!

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