Shakti: Harman humiliates Saumya!
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  • March 13, 2018
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Harman’s hatred towards Saumya is only growing day by day. He humiliates her every now and then and makes her realize that she came as the biggest misfortune in his life. He even tells her that she is a kinner and cannot bear a child to complete their family. Saumya’s every attempt to please Harman goes a waste.





Saumya feels shattered after the repeated insults, but at this difficult time Preeto comes to her as a support. She tells Saumya that she should keep trying and not give up.





In the upcoming episodes we will also see Harman getting the divorce papers, he asks Saumya to sign on them and leave the house immediately but Saumya refuses to do so.






Later, Harman decides to test her by giving her a tough challenge, Saumya accepts it!


What is the challenge all about?


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