Shamsher makes a promise to Roop!
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  • June 10, 2019
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Tonight, on Roop, we see Roop taking a promise from Shamsher about not drinking when he is hurt or upset. The next day, during a press conference, Himani declares that she is on an ill legal liquor consignment case. Shamsher and Roop are shocked on hearing this! Going forward, Ishika meets Kinjal’s college principal and asks him to call her as a special guest because her life will help inspire other students. She also wants additional support for Himani as Ishika wants her to be on the case. Later, Parag informs Roop that Himani’s life is in danger as she has gotten herself into the case again.

Back in school, we see students presenting gifts to Himani. She also appreciates Ishika for her contribution to swachh bharat abhiyan. Ishika appreciates the ruling government for their efforts on swachh bharat abhiyan, however, the cops come there and check all gifts presented to Himani and end up finding cash in some gifts. Himani is now accused of taking bribes. How will everyone at home react to his? Tune in to Roop from Monday to Friday at 10 pm.

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