Shamsher reacts to Roop’s performance!
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  • June 6, 2018
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This week on Roop, Shamsher makes his entry with lots of gifts for the Baghela Family and a tabeez Roop. For a performance held at school, Roop’s teacher convinces him to play the character of Radha. Roop is on the stage as Radha and when Shamsher Singh Baghela makes enters, he recognizes the tabeez he gave him which annoys Shamsher. He then demands an apology from Roop's principal or he will tarnish the school's reputation. 

Palak acknowledges her fault and apologizes to Meenal and Kamla for facing Shamsher's wrath. Roop is wondering whether his actions were all that wrong for Shamsher to get so angry and while he is lost in his thoughts Ranveer gets his hands on Shamsher's revolver. Shamsher's insistence on Roop's behavior like a man is not going to stop Roop from following his heart. 




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