Shiv and Anandi leave for their honeymoon! #Balika Vadhu Weekly Update – 29th Apr to 4th May
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Jagya left for Udaipur after promising Dadisa that he would deliver her gifts to Anandi. Anandi and Shiv prayed to God before leaving for their honeymoon, where Shiv gently chided her about the cold. Watch Shiv and Anandi’s playful prayer here.

In Jaitsar, when Ganga was alone, her in-laws barged in and threatened her to pardon Ratan Singh or they would take Mannu away from her. But when Sumitra and Dadisa entered, they changed tack and started pleading to Ganga to forgive them. Sumitra and Dadisa asked Ganga to consider their plea, but Ganga refused to believe their crocodile tears, which caused Ganga’s in-laws to threaten her openly. Watch as Ganga stands up for herself.

Shiv and Anandi left for Kashmir just as Jagya reached Udaipur. Saanchi was being eve-teased by a group of boys, but was rescued by Jagya who was in her college for his exhibition. Saanchi insisted that he visit her family, and the duo left for Watch Saanchi and Jagya’s meeting here.

Dadisa and the family were very happy when Basant and Gehna informed them that Gehna was expecting a child. Dadisa called Jagya and gave him the good news, after which Jagya instructed Gehna to take care of herself. 

His happy mood was interrupted by the group of guys who had teased Saanchi before, and were now taunting Saanchi about her driving skills. But he stood up for Saanchi and lectured the boys about respecting women, which made Jagya all the more admirable in Saanchi’s eyes. Watch as Jagya defends Saanchi.

Jagya got a warm welcome by Shiv’s family, but was dejected when he found out that Anandi had already left for her honeymoon. He gave Anandi’s Krishna statue to Ira, and asked her to pass it on to Anandi. When he was leaving, Saanchi insisted on showing him around Udaipur, which Jagya agreed for. On his way back, Jagya admitted to himself that he was upset about Anandi going on her honeymoon, and told Dadisa about Anandi’s trip. Watch Jagya and Dadisa’s conversation here

Dadisa told the whole family about Anandi’s honeymoon, and everyone was pleased with the way Shiv was making her happy. In her excitement, Dadisa announced that there would be a party to celebrate the arrival of Basant and Gehna’s child, but was stopped by Ganga who reminded her about the traditions. Watch as Dadisa thanks Ganga for her insight.

When Ratan Singh’s parents told him about Ganga’s decision, he vowed to take revenge on Ganga and Anandi after coming out from jail. 

Gehna and Ganga talking about using a cell phone and when Gehna goes in the bathroom to wash clothes some goons come and threaten Ganga to tell them about some files kept by Basant. Nervous, Ganga sneakily dials the phone to Basant and he hears the goons on the phone and rushes home. Watch as Ganga saves Gehna’s life.

Sanchi and Jagya are in the car and she asks him if he’s looking to remarry. He explains how Anandi made him understand and that’s why agreed for it. Meenu Bua then calls and Jagya home for lunch and while talking about Anandi and Shiv’s honeymoon, Jagya feels uncomfortable. Watch this sequence right here.

How will Shiv and Anandi spend their honeymoon in Kashmir? Keep watching this space to get the exclusive updates on this special honeymoon sequence!

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