Shiv and Anandi spend the first night together! Weekly Update: 24th to 28th Dec
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The week began with Anandi’s Muh Dikhaai rasam. All elders praised Anandi and blessed her with gifts. Sanchi took this opportunity to insult her sister-in-law and gifted her jeans and top, knowing she doesn’t wear such clothes. But Anandi doesn’t take the insult to her heart and accepts the gift. Watch as Sanchi tries to embarrass Anandi.

Later Sanchi’s friends also come for the ceremony and push her to introduce them to her sister-in-law. First, Sanchi cribs about Anandi being down market but later devises a plan to embarrass her. She makes Anandi meet her friends and starts talking in English, thinking she wouldn’t know how to respond. Watch as Anandi responds to Sanchi’s friends in English!

Disappointed that all her plans failed, Sanchi blurts out about Anandi being a divorcee and a child bride. When the relatives hear Sanchi’s laments they confront Ira and question her decision of choosing a divorcee bride for her son. But Ira, unfazed by the taunts, defends Anandi and declares her to be the best daughter-in-law. Watch as Shiv’s mother takes a stand for Anandi.

In the haveli, Dadisa and family sit for dinner and discuss about finding Jagya. At the same time, Anandi too sits with her new family for dinner but is hesitant to start. Shiv senses her hesitation and quickly makes a call to Bhairon Singh and makes Anandi talk to her family. Watch their conversation in this video.

Mahi, Sanchi and her friends take the newlyweds to their room and leave no chance to tease them. Once Anandi is inside, she feels a little uncomfortable to be alone with Shiv. He understands Anandi’s hesitation and tries to comfort her. He is about to leave her alone when many alarm clocks start ringing confusing the two. Eventually, Shiv realizes that Mahi is behind the prank and scolds him while Anandi laughs at his antics. Watch Shiv and Anandi spend an awkward first night.

Next morning, Anandi woke up and found Shiv sleeping on the sofa. He wakes up and shows her the video he made of her while she was sleeping. Shiv then confesses how he was looking forward to spend their first marital night together but unfortunately things didn’t work out and hopes that the second night would be different. Anandi gets tensed on hearing this and makes an excuse to leave. 

Will Anandi accept her marriage completely and feel comfortable with Shiv? Watch this space for more updates!

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