Shiv’s family to enter Balika Vadhu
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  • August 4, 2012
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Balika Vadhu has been very intense this past few weeks. First, Anandi and Jagya finally signed on the divorce papers and went their separate ways. Then when Anandi had hardly got out of that mess, her mother expired due to serious illness.  That completely broke Anandi and she found it difficult to accept the facts but it was Shiv who stood by her side and was a constant support to her.

Now it is Shiv's family which is entering the show and that may cause some new drama in our favorite bahu's life. Dadaji (played by Sudhir Pandey), Shiv's mother Irawati (Sonal Jha), Shiv's father Alok (Jay Neeraj), Meenakshi chachi (Anita Kulkarni) and Laxmikant (Dinesh Soni) who will play the role of care taker are all the new entries that will enter the show sometime next week.

The plot is that it will be on the auspicious day of Teej when Shiv will come back home and find his family waiting for him. They would come to surprise him and also because they get to know that their son have found a girl for himself and at the start they believe it to be Ashima but later find out that it is Anandi who has taken away Shiv's heart.

Will this create more problems for Anandi and cause a strain to her and Shiv's relation or will this further help strengthen their ties? Well, we will have to just wait and watch Balika Vadhu on Monday at 8:30pm to satisfy our curiosities!

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