Siddhant confesses his mistake after Roli’s disappearance: Weekly Recap 20th-26th March
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The week began with Roli trying to save herself from Veeru’s clutches after being kidnapped, but failing to do so. Siddhant, Prem and Simar, too, tried to fight Veeru off, but Veeru, in his blind rage, drove off the cliff with Roli, shocking everyone. Watch this thrilling scene here.

The family, especially Siddhant and Simar, were in shock over the incident, and their grief was doubled when the investigators were unable to find the bodies of Veeru and Roli. Simar and Siddhant were hysterical, unable to believe that Roli was dead. Watch their grief here.

Despite Simar’s belief, the family held a chautha service for Roli, but Simar did not allow anyone to garland Roli’s photograph, insisting that she was alive. Siddhant seconded her, and tried contacting Roli through the watch that she had gotten him for his anniversary, but got no response. Watch Siddhant’s helplessness here.

Just then, Naina came into the house and paid her respects to Roli, but became unconscious on the way out, thus revealing her pregnancy to the family. Their concern quickly turned to anger when they found out that she was pregnant out of wedlock. Unable to take the fingers being pointed at Naina’s character, Siddhant blurted out that he was the father of Naina’s unborn child! Watch the dramatic scene here.

The family was shocked to hear this confession, and Sujata and Mataji berated Siddhant for his unpardonable behaviour, even after he tried justifying himself. The whole family stood against Siddhant for breaking Roli’s trust. Click here to watch the confrontation.

While Siddhant was facing the heat from his family, it was revealed that Naina was not actually pregnant, and it was just a plan by Khushi to bring down the Bharadwaj family. Naina and Khushi gloated about how their plan of fooling Siddhant worked better than they had expected, and Naina thanked Khushi. Watch their plan unfold.

Away from this scheme of things, Roli woke up in a hospital, but her memory failed her as she was unable to remember her name or how she landed up in the hospital. The doctors tried to get her to remember her past, but failed. Watch Roli’s confusion here.

Veeru was initially angry at this turn of events, but later decided to use Roli’s memory loss to his advantage and start a new life with her.

Siddhant and Roli are both facing their own problems away from each other. Will Simar’s belief bring Roli back? Or will Naina and Khushi succeed in their plan leading to the family’s downfall?


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