Siddhi’s pregnant pause
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The ordeals of the Chopra family don't seem to be ending anytime soon. Even after the discovery by Siddhi that Rohit is alive, Kunal is nowhere closer to being set free by the court of law. Add to that Richa's determination to keep Siddhi away from Kunal and Kunal's own brother's extra marital affair, and we have a bouquet of problems enough to last them a lifetime. But in all of this, there is a ray of good hope that Siddhi and Kunal are expecting to be parents soon. This might be good news for Siddhi, but is it the same with Keerti, who plays Siddhi in the show?

When we asked Keerti about her pregnancy on the show, she said that everyone in the Chopra family is very happy to hear this good news about their beloved son and daughter in law. But quiz her about playing an expectant mommy at such a youg age (after all, she's still a student in her last year), and she reveals, “Initially when I was told about this development, I felt very weird about graduating to this kind of a role in the show, but my directors were very helpful as they guided me initially about how to play an expectant mom.”

And what about her cast members? Keerti says,”Alka Aminji, who plays my mother in law on screen, is like a mother to me in real life too! In fact, I call her 'Maa' on the sets too. She explained a lot of things to me about how to act convincingly about such a tender state and I absorbed that to be convincing in my portrayal.”

So Keerti is not letting her on screen pregnancy 'weigh' her down. And she does seem to have a supportive cast to help her with such a big responsibility. Now what remains to be seen is how Keerti deals with the situation once the fruit of her labour, i.e, the child comes along.

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