Sidhu raises the white flag!
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  • October 18, 2012
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We see how Rajeev and Urvashi bonded during initial few days. But, what looked like a great friendship suddenly turned bitter. Today we will see how Urvashi, tired of the taunts she has received from Rajev over the past few days, lashes out at him and asks him to stop the taunts as she has also cooked food for everyone over the past few days and Rajev doesn’t have to feel smug about anything. 

After tempers cool, the tears start.While the yelling and the angry word exchange continues in the kitchen and bedroom, Urvashi, slightly disturbed by the fight, cries in front of Sidhu and tells him that she will not eat anything that Rajev cooks. Here, Sidhu tries to convince her to eat food as he will also not eat if she doesn’t .. after which Urvashi later grudgingly agrees! 

Looks like Sidhu’s patient and elder brotherly behavior works on everyone!

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