Simar has to choose between Naina and Roli! Sasural Simar Ka Weekly Update 6th-12th March
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This week brought some big confrontations in the Bharadwaj family. Roli saw Naina for the first time when she went to meet Simar, and sympathized with her. At the same time, Siddhant called on Naina’s cellphone, but Roli narrowly missed talking to him. (Watch the scene here)

The Bharadwaj family was planning a huge celebration for Prem-Simar and Roli- Siddhant’s anniversary, unaware of the fact that they had gone bankrupt because of Veeru and Khushi. 

Siddhant was still worried about Naina, and when Simar asked him about his worries, he refused to tell Simar, making her wonder about his situation. The next day, Simar encouraged Naina to live for her unborn child and promised to take care of her. But on the way to Naina’s house, Simar got the shock of her life as Naina revealed that Siddhant was the father of her child! (Watch the revelation here)

Sensing Simar’s disbelief, Naina talked to Siddhant on speaker phone, proving without doubt that he was responsible for Naina’s confrontation. Shell-shocked by this information, Simar reaches home but was unable to share anything with Roli as she was busy preparing for the anniversary party. Siddhant on the other hand, decided to set things right and promised Roli that they would start a new life together (Watch the cute moment here

Roli happily broke the news to Simar, and an angry Simar slapped Siddhant for breaking Roli’s trust. Siddhant tried to justify himself, but was speechless when Simar informed him that Naina was pregnant with his child. (Click here to watch the shocking scene)

Siddhant tried revealing the truth to Roli, but couldn’t as Roli gave him a sweet surprise (Watch the sweet gesture here

Simar had another shock in store for her as Prem confided in her that the Bharadwaj family had gone bankrupt. (Watch Prem’s outburst here)

But his promise of getting the family back on its feet suffered a blow as none of the banks he approached was willing to lend him any money. Khushi, on the other hand, was desperate to get all her luxuries back, but Sankalp foiled her plans by telling her that he was divorcing her soon. 

Simar and Siddhant went to meet Naina on Simar’s insistence, where Siddhant promised Naina that he would take care of the child, but told her that he could never be with her. Hearing this, a heartbroken Naina started berating Roli for being a bad wife who had cheated on Siddhant. Unable to bear these insults about her sister, Simar revealed to Naina that Roli was her sister, leaving her shocked! 

Now with this turn of events, Simar is definitely in a dilemma. Will she support her sister Roli? Or will she keep her promise of getting justice for Naina? Watch this space for more. 

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